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I'm in SHOCK! xD, my first upload! omg!
Thanks for this, tom, i'm being a little lazy with my animation projects lately, but this make me feel A LOT more motivated, I PROMISE!, soon you will see more of impkid! my fellow newgrounders
Now with better audio quality!!
THANKS NEWGROUNDS! 4th place!! with my first flash submision!
I finished this animation in five days, i'll take my time to make the next one, with more dedication...
thanks for the votes, and the reviews.
Soon you will see more about Menace city

In Menace city many legends are told, one of them says that in a very long time ago an ancient tribe made golems, made of stone and blood.
These monsters, awaken by the hate of men, made true the desires of their masters.
Many years have past, and the ground covered the signs of the ancient civilization, however, some trails of these collosus stay at plain sight, ingnored by the most of the citizens... We pray for these monsters dont awake again.

My second flash animation, i hope you like it...
Sorry if there are gram mistakes in my comment, and in the animation , please make me know ( if there is any xD)... English is not my first language.

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This is pretty awesome but it's a shame this never had a sequel. I'd like to see the girl and her golem in more flash movies. Great job!

Very nice.

FLCL SOUNDTRACK, great choice and interesting concept, love the last frame with the awesome color contrast

The idea that the Golems hands will be red (blood) and the Girl eyes will be too is brilliant.


Great music choice and animation for your first flash submission. I looked at your other ones, you have a great talent. Can't wait for the next one! Keep up the great work!

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3.97 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2009
5:18 AM EDT