Ness VS. Sonic

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Hello. Dont take this flash too seriously, because it's not meant to be taken seriously.

There's no preloader either.

Anyway, this is my most popular Flash on youtube, and a lot of people wanted me to post it here, so here it is.

... I dont know what else to say about it. Enjoy it if you can. It's pretty random.

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Claus was in there :)

ha ha,donkey kong threw poo.


Pikachu took ness hat or tried to.

That was amazing.

Loved the music remix. Although the sound quality was pretty bad, it was made up for in creativity, humor, and refrences to the game. I loved this game sooooo much. So, keep it up!

I.... have never laughed so hard.

I know you keep saying not to take these videos seriously, but I haven't laughed this hard in MONTHS! You really should keep making these Earthbound/Mother videos. The fans of this series appriceate these animations about as much as you can appreciate winning a prize. Because we all know so much about the series, being fans of it, that nothing is new to us. We only hope translated games get re-released. And it doesn't happen. Hillarious shit like the bicycle joke and the Super Starman getting clocked in the head with a shoe? The Donkey Kong and Pikachu? FUNNEH.

As a suggestion, if you ever made a "Ninten (or Ness) vs. Starman" video, a good joke would be the fact that Starmen are underestimated, and can't walk. Only teleport. So... that would be funny.

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Apr 26, 2009
8:10 AM EDT