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Reviews for "Ness VS. Sonic"


yah know, this could actually get front page!

really awesome.

you did a beastly job on this flash.


The only reason I'm giving it a nine is because (spoiler warning) Sonic lost. Other than that REALLY nice job. Including D.K. was great. And the way he comes into the fight is great too. I really liked the circus scene, with all of that flipping around, which I know must've taken you a long time to do. Really nice work.

Recommended For Earthbound and Smash Fans...

Normally when I see VG parodies, they're usually made with not a lot of effort put into them. This on the other hand was rather decently animated and fun to watch. There are also a couple of parts that make fun of scenes from Earthbound. Other people who are not fans of Earthbound don't have to be familiar with the title in order to enjoy it. All what really happens is that Sonic and Ness cross over and race against one another. There a lot unexpected parts in between what seems to be a normal race. I like how they play rock paper scissors between the bout. It has a feel that is very reminiscent of old Felix the Cat cartoons. I mean the really old ones. Like the ones made in the 30's. Basically the main character encounters a main plot and goes along with(In this case a race with Sonic) and encounters mainly interesting characters with slapstick and gags based on encounters with each character(Bumping into character and losing a key, Ness emptying his shoes to find a detective hat in order to find said key, Ness falling into a trash can, Donkey Kong picking up Ness by the feet to punch Ness and sequentially gets frightened by the ghost in the trash can, etc). There was also quite a number of in jokes as well. Like who was that tied up girl in the circus? Really, I'd like to know.

Rock-Candy responds:

The tied up girl is just a character I made up a long time ago.

I'm glad that you liked it.

F'n Awesome!

Nice to see some Earthbound stuff, Really original, animation was good and you made ness beat sonic.