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Reviews for "Ness VS. Sonic"


Two points for animation, but the whole sonic thing annoyed me. If it had been Mario and Sonic, I might have let it slide because, well, you know, Mario vs. Sonic. Even Link vs. Sonic this outcome would have been tolerable. But Ness? OMG. I like Ness in early versions of Smash Bros., but he's nothing special. This video fails on that aspect.


i don't understand why you didnt score higher.
i know the graphics dunt look like much but they are all hand drawn and every single message you wanted to get out, you got it out.

i enjoyed it and there isn't much critique i can give about improvement cause if you wanted you cudve drawn better and you don't need us to tell you that.

keep it up!


The animation, music, and story all made a tandem to make the perfect classic charm of all these video games.

Good work!

Great work

Just didn't like the acting sounded like some of the voice actors weren't even trying, sorry, and Paula was pronounced all funny, is that how you really pronounce that name in the game or is it Paul-a. I'm being over critical about it I know so you don't lose points for it but I think you pronounced it wrong.

Rock-Candy responds:

I'm a swede, and so is the other voiceactors, that's why the pronouncing is off.

I am really impressed!

1st you see the start of this flash and you think OMG A LAME BRAWL SLIDESHOW THING. Sure it beginning looks terrible.... but then the animation actually starts and TADA HIGH DEF!

Not much talking but everything was self made. (Cept the music but I like people who use the actual game music then their own remixed stuff).

You also pointed out the brawl mistakes by letting Ness actually use the attacks he knows.

Humor was good. Randomness was good. It wasn't just Ness VS Sonic. It was more a Mother Series parody that included some brawl things.

Also I hade to find 5 Yo's? Well I know where they are. Next flash make sure those are easter eggs you can click for the heck of it.

Also a replay button would been nice, but hey it's your 1st post!
I say You got my attention and I am foward to your next flash.

I don't even mind the non preloader or replay button since the flash it self is AWSOME!

10 stars! (PS anyone who downgrades this is a total retard....Don;t be a videogame parody hater. Atleast the artist used completely own animaton!)