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Reviews for "Ness VS. Sonic"


That was funny, I liked how sonic got hit by the truck.
This flash had a decent time length, you must have worked on it for a while.
Anyways, great job!


oh my god! im stunned. the anim was so fluid! what program did you use? i loved the story as well and ness is most definatly so much better than sonic. the window was a bit small but i guess thats how you kept your anim from getting clippy. all in all very nice performance. a new favorite =]


very cartoony!
I am quite a nintendo fan, it was nice seeing a non-sprite animation :D
Great Work!

Good job

where to start?...the animation was great, the voices were great, the flash was funny- all in all it's a great flash.
I like how you chose this is ness vs sonic( you usually see sonic vs shadow or mario).
I dont play any games with ness in it except for super smash bros so i wouldnt know what kinda moves he really has (like if he has PK rocket or not) so im gunna guess that you made some moves up too, and some of the moves(if im right and you did make them) are quite funny, creative, etc. (good job)
There are aLOT of other thing you did well with this too, unfortunately there are only 4000 characters remaining in this post and trust me i could NOT go through all the things you did well on this with only 4000!
The only thing i reccomend you do with this is( I know that you have this on youtube, but this is a suggestion for you for the NG users sence you cant pause on NG) try and make the in-circus scene alittle slower, i couldnt tell who all the characters were who were running around w/DK, Ness, and Sonic.
Oh that reminds me even though this is a Ness VS Sonic Flash i thought that was a REALLY cool idea putting other Nintendo characters in also- like DK, Pikachu, and Kirby!
all-in-all 10/10 and Im looking forward to your next submission!

That was amazing.

Loved the music remix. Although the sound quality was pretty bad, it was made up for in creativity, humor, and refrences to the game. I loved this game sooooo much. So, keep it up!