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Warning: This game is possibly the most hyper game you'll ever play, and if you have Epilepsy or Epileptic episodes... YOU SHOULD NOT PLAY THIS GAME!

A mix between the old arcade game "Brix" and a hint of Lochie. If you find this game difficult; Good!

Created by Lochie.
Featuring music by Rig, DaGrahamCraka, WritersBlock and NemesisTheory.

Very special thanks to MoFunZone.com for sponsoring this game.
And also to Sara, my lovely girlfriend, for testing and helping with levels and ideas. <3

View the game's best scorers at
www.mofunzone.com/game_sc ores/stickbrix/highscores .shtml

Instructions and controls are in-game.
Cheat codes can be found at my new post.
http://night-mare.newgrou nds.com/news/post/274196

EDIT: Daily 2nd, awesome, AND FRONTPAGE? omg too kind.

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Why the game doesn't let me play? 🤔

good game. cant explain why

I literally started wtfing the first time i began playin and i didnt know wat i was doing the music is incredibly hyper and one time this one dude got stuck on one of the bricks and he started having a heart attack and going completely crazy.omg dude you are a badass for making this game and just when i think the music stops.....BAH! BAH! BAH! all over again.im wondering wat the sequel will be like.O.o.I give stickBrick 5/5 stars dude!YOU amazed me

its alright

its a fun game, the only problem is with all the shit flying around its hard to tell where the ball is. And also the ball never goes where you aim it, thats kinda stupid also

my face feels numb!!

wtf o.o ...... i have to play more often!