Reviews for "stickBrix"


this is a cool game 10\10


Defenetly not the most hyper game ive played. But it was good.


this game is awesome! its fun and unique, but the bad side is you can get really crazy with this game and have to move really fast sometimes, and if your mouse pointer leaves the play area, the paddle doesn't move. so maybe some keyboard controls or make it so that when you move out of the screen the paddle can still move would be great

good but

the good things:

it was hyper, fun and awesome
it was very goodly put together

the bad things:

the ball was unpredictable at some times
when the paddle reacched the side of the game the game lagged

Nice game, but..

Much fun!!
But, sometimes the ball gets stuck or moves through brick tiles..
And the "R" button doesn't work.. (yes I did put autosave on I'm sure.)
But, very addicting though