Reviews for "stickBrix"

Really hyper fun

Very fun, love the music and how the game plays. Sadly the combo's caused me to die a lot by blocking my view of the ball but it was still extremely fun!


ha pretty entertaining. i like how its a pretty spazzy game with the background and the killing. i have to say i enjoy your twist to the original game. nothing wrong with the original with some killing added in. hahaha

the most stupidest dumbist gayist game EVER

number 1 music sucks
number 2 super sayen riged
number 3 just dumb


I didn't really like it because when you get combo it flash all over the screen then I can't see the ball. >:(

good game, serious flaws

nice concept, going after things on top of the bricks. it was pretty fun.
but as soon as I got the guys with bats and 2x ball speed, I noticed 2 VERY annoying things
1: since you have to use mouse to control pad, I'd be whipping my mouse over to the other side to catch the ball going to the corner... just to have my mouse exit the game area and the pad not go far enough
2: the guys with bats end up being completely unkillable while swinging. the problem with this is in the level where the guy is in a corner, he'd hit the ball into a wall, and it come back to hit him, but since the swinging part wasn't even over yet, it didn't do anything, ball just flew right through him
3: the bonus's and combo's were great, but when there HUUUGE blue letters blocking 80% of the screen, you can't see where the ball is or where it's going. by the time I would see where it is going I would hurry up and fling my mouse that way just to run into problem #1

so 1: make keyboard controls an option and 2: don't make the guys invincible and 3: if you must 'shout out' combos and stuff don't make it so big, confine it to a corner or top of screen