Reviews for "stickBrix"

pwnage game. :D

pretty colors, killing stick men and awesome music. three things i like in a game. :D
the flashing lights did get alittle annoying making it hard to keep track of the ball though. only down side i found ^^ but other then that awesome game. :D

gaa! seizure!

as good as frantic!


nice game


When u kill stickmen by hitting them with a ball u still have 2 recover!!! The lights make it stand out, more awesome, and more challenging!! My kind of game!!!

Ow my head!!

Not too bad, decent take on an old classic...EXCEPT FOR THE LIGHTS!!! I do not have epilepsy, have never had a seizure, have no problem with my eyes or anything, but after the first level i had a headache!! Please, less lights. They were annoying, distracting, and made the game practically unplayable.