Reviews for "stickBrix"


I was hypmotized for like a few minutes there. xDDD

A Brutally Honest Review.

While the game was rather original, the flashy background made it similar to the flashes made by KittyKrew, which are seizure causing, humor-killing flashes. The shaking of the screen mixed with the flashing made the screen almost unbearable to look at. The game field was too small, and the ball would move too fast. To add insult to injury, you also added a white trail behind it to make the ball even harder to find. You can't really control where the ball goes when you first launch it, and even less when you rebound the ball off the platform. the music was annoying and repetitive.

I gave you one star instead of zero because at least it's original. other than that you really don't get any more stars.


Pretty fun game, and cool music, but now I have a migraine (which is super rare for me) due to unneccessary amounts strobing; fair enough if a game has flashing images, but the amount in this is beyond ridiculous...

Argh. Which...

Music did you use? It rocks.


the music rocks no joke