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Sealed History (Part 1B)

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Suzuki Tsunami and the Scarlet Steels - Sealed History (Part 1 Chapter 2)

After weeks of waiting following the release of the first part of this first pilot episode, the second climatic half, has finally arrived! Chapter 2 introduces a pivotal character of this story arc: Ikuko, a Japanese goddess with the fox mask who would become the adoptive mother of Suzuki Tsunami. Also, witness the very first emotional origins of one of the title characters: the mysterious cybernetic semi-deity who will change the path of the universe forever.

After millenniums of endless wars, the Dark Gods finally gained the upper hand and were about to destroy the remaining remnants of the Gods of Light when all of the sudden, golden rays of hope showered upon them, turning the tide of the expected outcome.


Animated, Written and Directed by Glen B.Wang

Additional Screenplay and Original Characters by Anthony 'A-Log' LoGatto

Music by Selcuk 'MaestroRage' Bor

Featuring the voice of Mike Pollock (Sonic X) as The Narrator

And introducing Erin 'Overshadowed' Tenelle as The Mysterious Singer

Based on ideas and characters by Glen B.Wang, Anthony 'A-Log' LoGatto and the Santos Brothers

2008 (C) Glen B.Wang/A-Log/Santos Bros.

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I like the art style but the sound effect you used for dramatic moments, like when the flame deity destorys the evil goods, got repetitive try to find different ones for different moods because not all of those moments carry the same weight.