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Reviews for "Sealed History (Part 1B)"


i love stories about gods and the galaxy, etc.


This is far exceeding anything I expect to find here on this site. You've really outdone yourself here, wow!

My mine is blown

A simply beautiful piece, amazingly animated in such a rich and vibrant style. A captivating story that intrigues and makes people think and feel. A simply great work, an work of art. Amazing show, works like these are what continue to inspire me to strive as an animator. Thank you.

This style of art is awesome!

This was great, make more or i will cry :)

Great job!

you get 10 stars...

Yes, it DID remind me of Samurai Jack too... but you did so many innovative things with it, I was blown away... I didn't necessarily dig the story.. and some of the editing was a bit confusing... but the characters, animation, the overall look of the project.. ESPECIALLY the "old" grainy film quality and the cool bits ( like the sword slicing through guys, the "shattering" characters.. and man, the eyeball transition between the ultimate goddess and the bad guy... seamless and perfect.. very cool!