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Reviews for "Sealed History (Part 1B)"

Not for those with small attention spans.

Having watched the first then this, the plot made sense. Love the style and everything was well animated, the scenes seems very well thought out, although the very few colors made some small segments hard to understand if you only have a 3 second attention span, but eventually explained.

very good job.

Well Done

Brilliantly animated and scored. I enjoyed the visual style. But, what was going on with the story; Tolkien couldn't follow this plot!

glenbw responds:

Love your comment, WhatNick! Seem that you are a big fan of MST3K (so am I!) :)
- Glen B.Wang

i always thought

that the style used for this series was really interesting. it looks great. very smooth looking too. great job.


What I liked most was the style. Was this originally an avi put into Flash? This piece reminded me of the Samurai Jack animation style. That series didn't use black outlines, as I believe this one didn't either. The story was too deep so I watched it to be inspired by its clever art!

Chicken Nuggets Shoved in Penile Openings

Hey, I like your style. The drawings in this were pretty different, pretty NEAT! Hell it was well animated and had some well drawn and different graphics. The only downside I noticed was that it looked a little pixelated, but that was no biggie. This was definitely good enough for a poke.

Stay sweet...