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Reviews for "Sealed History (Part 1B)"

stumbeld but made it

ok first of all your style is so great its un speakebel but ...... the frame was 2 small.... it easyli became mixed so it was just shapes moving and falling... 2 bad couse you have put a lot of effort in 2 it
the voice wasent the best either kinda sad couse this has so huge potential

I liked the SAMURAI JACK style animation

but then it got too mystical and I got bored right away...
You should've made a few more samurai fights in it.IT was damn well as good as samurai jack in the start! Anyone who can accomplish a good image like that is a PRO!

This is fantastic

I saw this and thought, 'Samurai Jack' for some reason. The art style and the story is done beutifully.

i liked it but

it was hard to follow i gave you 7 stars only because of the originality to be honest i had a hard time seeing different people and shapes and with that plus what seems to lack dialog i only gave you a 7/10 and a 3/5 but since some other people seem to like it, and alot of the problems were problems that i think only i experienced, i think you should keep on make these so the best of luck to you and good job!

Very good animation

Very well done and created - most of my points go to the fact off how muh effort has gone into it. Hats off to you lad - well done