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Reviews for "Sealed History (Part 1B)"

This style of art is awesome!

This was great, make more or i will cry :)

Great job!


comes to show u dont need many colors to tell a story - and even emotions were very well shown and animated with usually jsut 2 colors - well techniqualy white aint a color but lets not go there. neway liked it a whole lot - ur a real story teller keep it up

Very NIce

I really liked the animation style. It reminded me of some older animated movies/shows I used to watch as a kid, if only by its style. The voice acting was very well done as well, even though it was only a monologue.

My mine is blown

A simply beautiful piece, amazingly animated in such a rich and vibrant style. A captivating story that intrigues and makes people think and feel. A simply great work, an work of art. Amazing show, works like these are what continue to inspire me to strive as an animator. Thank you.

Height Impaired People Enraged

You aimed high man, very high, and you did good, so good infact that with this you got so high that all the people around you looked at your and went "look at that crazy guy go!" and found it amusing, but think about it, you being high is great, but what about the height impaired, we looked at this, and said "... what?" and being as we spent our hard earnt internet usage on it, we were forced to watch, yet the question remains "what??" it's nice and all but sitting here pondering what in the hell i just saw isn't particularly the way i would like to spend my afternoon.
Next flash you make, think simple, i mean real simple, the number one flash here (These pancakes are tiny) is so popular because it's simple... and the height impaired don't need to reach out to try and figure out what it was.
I'll give it a 6, because as good as it was, i couldn't reach the stars needed to rate it any higher.