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Reviews for "Sealed History (Part 1B)"

it reminds me something...

you would deserve the first place today,but you did not win!Try again and again until it be successful!


that was some of the best animation ive seen in a long time! the story is a bit too deep for me though


This was cool! You're really good. Now I can't bother to make a nice review mentioning the flaws but this was very cool!

you get 10 stars...

Yes, it DID remind me of Samurai Jack too... but you did so many innovative things with it, I was blown away... I didn't necessarily dig the story.. and some of the editing was a bit confusing... but the characters, animation, the overall look of the project.. ESPECIALLY the "old" grainy film quality and the cool bits ( like the sword slicing through guys, the "shattering" characters.. and man, the eyeball transition between the ultimate goddess and the bad guy... seamless and perfect.. very cool!

Something seen, yet still new.

Your art reminded me of Craig McCracken's, and especially the style of the Samurai Jack series, except having bits of your own style. And I like how you managed to turn the movie's look into more "cartoonish". This deserve higher rating in my opinion. And you should use more colors.

Still 5/10 in my book, great work, keep it up :D