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Ghostscape is a 'scary' point and click adventure where you have to collect evidence of paranormal activity in a spooky old house, find diary pages to reveal the backstory and perform an occult ceremony with 5 red candles to escape the house!!

Good Luck!!

Coded in SwishMAX, Graphics Cinema 4D/Photoshop/ZBrush and FL Studio for music/sfx!!

All content created and copyright of me, Psionic 2008

Have fun and BEWARE!!!



hey here's a walkthrough...WARNING SPOILER!!!

1.Take the crowbar. Open the door and click to enter the house.

2. Go right, take the diary page and click to go into the dining room.
- Enter the kitchen take the ladder and diary pape on the left corner.

3. Go back to hallway, turn left enter the lounge.
- Enter to the study and take the book on the floor.

4. Go upstairs and enter the bathroom.
- Turn right and take the red candle in front of the windows.
- Turn left and take the key in the flower.

5. Enter the bedroom.
- Turn right,take the scrap of paper on the floor.
- Turn left and take the ring.
- For locked case password look at wall and your inventory. (;
Bedroom password is : 6294.
- There are cellar door key and a red candle in it.

6. Back down the hallway and enter the cellar door.
- Turn right take the ceremonial dagger.
- Use crowbar to open the wooods.
- Enter the hole,turn left and take the diary of paper.
- Go back, turn left and enter the password.
- Cellar password is : 7832.
- There are bedroom door key and again a red candle in it.

7. Go back to bedroom.
- Take amulet near the bed and a diary page in front of the windows.
- Turn right.
- Bedroom password is : 1006.
- There are pantry door key, candle in it.

8. Go back to kitchen.
- Use pantry key to enter the pantry door.
- Use crowbar to open the jammed shut.
- Take the candle and diary page.

9. Now go upstairs and use ladder to enter the attic.
- Turn left.
- The attic password is : 9385
- Take the last candle and click in the middle of pentagram to light the candles.
- Take a photo of the ghost and she gives you the front door key.

10. Go to the front door,use the key.
- Take the newspaper and the endddd....

that's all

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Psionic3D responds:

Nice walkthrough, should come in useful...

you've made some really great games....

by far this is my favorite ^^ cant wait to see more+

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Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, glad you like em ;-)

it was fun

but i spent half an hour doing it i found just about everything i guess i will try again later it was really fun game.

Psionic3D responds:

Glad you liked it!!

Good game, but...

I was exelent, but the ending just destroyed it. Put more effort into finishing the suspence given in the messages and crazy spirits

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Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, good points!

I think I peed myself...

WOw it took me a whole 30 minutes of frightening torture to beat the game. Well I still coudn't find all the diary pages before I left the house. I just wanted to get the heck out of there! If someone could list where the diary pages are it would be a big help because I'm to nervous to check the whole house again. This game, though very scary, had a great plot, design, and concept. This is probably my favorite Adventure game~. Maybe in time for next Halloween, you could make another one like this, except scarier (even though I probably have a heart attack or something xP). I showed my friend this, and she said that I was just being a scaredy cat. Its just that I'm not very good with anything "scary"... or "spooky"... or any combination of the two. I'm scared so easily scared, that when that spirit jumped out I almost peed myself >.< Just to ask it again, could someone tell me where all the diary pages are so I can better understand the plot? It would be very helpful if you did! If no one does I guess I'll have to relive that scary experience again! >.<

Katy's Rating: Awsomely Spooky!~ 10/10~

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Psionic3D responds:

Lol, glad it spooked ya a bit ;-)

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4.35 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2008
9:09 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click