Reviews for "Ghostscape"

awwwww, i almost DIED playing this!

Thnx for sending me to a psychiatrist. Dude, "we will devour you"? Scared me to death! And that moving picture?? And the locked bathroom and that blood pentagram?
I was playing at night, went up some stairs and went in my room which was a little dark, came back down and posted this and had to literally STOP PLAYING!! Great job and also, I will only play games like this in the morning. Gonna play some Mario or Megaman or something cause I am FREAAAAAKED OUT!! :O

Psionic3D responds:

LOL glad it scared you a little ;-)


This is awesome! haunting and creepy just the way i like it :D



Psionic3D responds:


I didn't think it was scary...

But I thought the game was good as a point and click adventure more than horror. The one scare with the ghost kind of startled me but that's it. Still pretty fun.


this game nearly made me fall of my chair
and backwards to XD XD XD XD
oh and i think the auther should make 5 games of this!!!!!!!
the ghost messeges were pretty scary