Reviews for "Ghostscape"

I am glad to have escaped from this haunted place without having finished all photographic tasks. I missed one orbit and two ghost messages.

Graphics are great and sound effects are awesome! I was calm while exploring the house until I opened a blue wardrobe in one of the bedrooms. I screamed. :|

Diary pages are interesting for reading.

what a scary atmosphere and i like the idea with the camrea and having to take photos of everything

Pretty good! Nice spooky atmosphere, although it's not particularly scary. There were several grammatical and spelling errors (namely 'scary' spelled 'scarey' and the unnecessary apostrophes in words ending with S) Apart from that, I really liked it. Good length, decent story. Good work, bud.

Psionic you do really good job with these games, and the killer escape games, and the being one games. Really all your games. They great fun, and I love coming back to them, and playing them over and over until my mind gos numb, boy I sure do love your games.

The graphics is very good but there is no puzzle at all! and the font in the pages I couldn't read it.