Reviews for "Ghostscape"

You spelled "scary" wrong.

This is the nosiest haunted house I've ever seen.

Well I don't know if I'd call it "scary", but it's certainly spooky, and very good. The moving backgrounds and effects add to atmosphere, and as it's your task to capture all the strange goings on on camera, it makes it a fun and rewarding task. The story that unfolds in diary messages is interesting, as well as the reveal at the end.

There are 2 minor points to make though - the message explaining the plot at the beginning of the game disappears as soon as the game is loaded, not giving you enough time to read it. The other thing was the pop-up messages - we all know what a diary piece is and how to use it - and we certainly don't need reminding for subsequent pieces. The way it pops up in bold green text slightly spoils the atmosphere the game does so well generating.

An excellent start to the series.

Really fun some parts scared the heck out of me keep making more.

This is a nice game! Good graphic, Good quality, Good Music, Good Special Effects!
I also did a video about this game with my friend, but it's sad that the video is only in Finnish :(

By the way, nice game, I like it! :D