Reviews for "Ghostscape"

Is there a reason the painting of the girl with her face covered is in the game with the killer you have to escape?

Great game anyway. I love your point and click games.

scared me playing this during the day. Very well done with the story and the presentation, please do more .

Second time playing this. Since it's October and I'm in the Halloween spirit, why not? (Second game is much harder for me, lol).

I've been playing this game 1000000 times for 5 days so far and nothing scared me half to death!! This is the most creepy Halloween game YET! So any of you GhostBusters irl?? Well, I am ;)

I absolutely loved the game!! I really enjoy horror-type games like this. Just wish we could've earned achievements for completing full game and finding everything on the checklist. Regardless, I really liked it!!
Looking forward to another one!!