Reviews for "Ghostscape"

Very good

This game is definitely worth playing with the lights out. Its one of the best Horror games i have played, so i decided to write about in my blog. Congrats on making a GREAT game!

Great game..

I wasn't scared, but it seemed to truly represent how a murder would've been handled, especially in cold blood. It gleams at the curiosity of others and how it can affect them. Don't feel bad if you were scared, though...i've played Amnesia: The Dark Descent without even flinching..haha. I'm unscareable..

Creepy, Spooky and will die you undies yellow!

Great job! I beat Fatal Frame 2 and really didn't scare me at all. Then i played this fantastic game and was generally scared. That freaking skull ghost in the bedroom made me have to change boxers! Great job! If you need me i need to buy a new pair of boxers.

Ghostscape 3? Some help?

I love, love, love this particular series. This game in particular creeps me out, and I love it! There should totally be a ghostscape 3, Please make one, if you aren't too busy. Also, I have found everything except all of the human remains. Can anyone help me out there?


the moving picture was soooo creepy nice grapics main idea and point nice job