Reviews for "Ghostscape"

That was a great game!! The part that scared me the most was the ghost in the closet!

Great game!

Where this game excels is its atmosphere and simplicity. Though quite cheesy, I loved the sound and the various horror themes (poltergeist activity etc). There was no object or action that was key to completion too well hidden or obscure. At the same time, the extra tasks provided a little extra challenge that made me keep a keener eye out.

What I felt was a shame was that the additional items/photographs did not open up any new gameplay or reveal any additional plot (apart from the diary pages ofc). The additional tasks could have at least unlocked achievements.

Overall, despite obvious room for improvement, I think this game is better than the average point n click on this site and well worth a play! Good work! :)

Very good! Amazing graphics, quality story, not too hard, not all that scary but it gave me some shivers, great background music... Thanks for making my night awesome. You sir, are a genius.

Holy cow, that was amazing!

Everything from the graphics to the story was perfect. I especially love the ending! This game also had great logic (not like some other games where it's like "Click the banana to get the key!").

I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. I'm almost done playing all of your games but I'll be sad when I finish. I hope you are making more!

You only scared me with the spirit in the closet :p However in the dark areas like the basement I always thaught something would come out.. but it didn't :D