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Squigly Fish Racer v1.0

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Squigly Fish Racer is a game that will test your speedy reflexes. You are Squigly the Fish, an ex-Super Mario Bros. 2 character that has finally gotten his own video game. But to prove your worth you must win the race against the evil green computer Squigly Fish! Press the keys as fast as you can and jump over the obstacles. If you're lagging behind, try using a Nitro Burst to catch up!

Also, there's FIVE hidden secrets in the game. So when you're done racing, be sure to go back into the game and press a whole bunch of different keys and you just might be able to find all 5 of the hidden goodies!

Player 1 Controls

A + D = Squiggle

S = Jump

W = Nitro Burst

Player 2 Controls

L + ' = Squiggle

; = Jump

P = Nitro Burst

And finally, Tom Fulp and I are hoping to make this an online multiplayer game eventually along with a high scores list! So keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, you can play 2-player local games! Hope you all like it! Tom and I had a blast making this game!

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great music animation and concept, I like it! : ) fun to play with a friend.

Pretty well done for a simple racing game, shows that if you just put a little more effort into a simple concept it can something great.

The CPU was a little tough to beat if I say so myself, I could only get it by milliseconds, if at all. I thought that the speed boosts were a nice touch and that making them the only way out of a failed jump to be an interesting penalty. My only issue with it was that the controls were one key apart as that makes it quite uncomfortable to play.

Cheap cpu

Nice game. I enjoyed the secrets in particular.
These are the five secrets (ordered by QWERTY keyboard key location):
First secret: Pong. Press "6" in-game.
Second secret: Super Mario Bros. 2 graphics in Pong. Press "6" while playing the first secret (Pong).
Third secret: Squigly sing-along. Press "0" in-game.
Fourth secret: Squigly vs. Jaws movie. Press "h" in-game.
Fifth secret: Squigly kills Mario. Press "m" in-game.