Reviews for "Squigly Fish Racer v1.0"


i have found all secrets lol when squigly kills mario nice game though 10/10

A pretty good game

I enjoyed the graphics a lot.
Some nice pixel animation.
And great programming and physics.
It also has an okay variety.
Good work Mr.Fulp.

cool game nice

to tom you may not even read this but how do you do this your the best of them all.i think its becouse you made newgrounds.

new grounds rocks the internet


did you get the legendary fish heads fish heads poem from the bob and george comics?

how do you play pong?

if u dont wonna know the secrets dont look here i only know 4.

click M for a secret
click h i think for a secret
click6 for a secret
and i think 9 or 0 or - for another secret