Reviews for "Squigly Fish Racer v1.0"

Another really fun game

I enjoyed this, I liked the NESy feel to it. Hopefully there will be a v2.0 of this very fun game.


Pressing H - and 6 all do things (i was scared)


my fingers hurt owwww dame u it hurts to type now


yeah that was ok, i think you should of made the things easyer to jump and you should of added speedometers and maybe a button were you can go underwater which would be slower than jumping so if your not fast enoth you go under. you should defently change the contral postions, cos if you tap A and D which one hand you have to fit your other hand inside, i sopose that the contrals that the mo cator for right handed and left handed, there must be away around the problem, and yes i know my spelling is bad, and yes it was a goodish game.

Kutoes man kutoes

That was funner then puting a paper bag full of doggie doo on someones patio and lighting it!!!!!!! There was some good cheats for it to. Hears the cheats please repost them if you right a review

1- press 0 for a singalong
2- press h for Squigly vs. Jaws
3- press m for Squigly Kills Mario
4- press 6 for Pong
5- press 6 when playing Pong for a background