Reviews for "Squigly Fish Racer v1.0"


Very cute lil game! I almost forgot about this lil guy in the game lol though I thought the computer was hard to beat, its a little easier an alot more fun if you can find someone to play with you on this one. squiggle on! ^.^


Especially the "Fish heads fish heads. Rolly polly fish heads. Fish heads fish heads. Eat them up yuuum!"


Wow this is hars so is pong! 10 for violence because of the killing mario and bashing that fish around on pong! ha i always wanted to do that

If you did what I think you did

And made the cpu slow down when you slowed down and speed up when you speed up, then I don't like you. That's what ruined Mario Kart for me. It was a great game, except that all the cpu players could go at ridiculous speeds whenever they were recovering from you hitting them, and also they only hit traps when they were on screen. Sneaky bastards. But yeah, it was good except for the Mario Kart-like cpu crap going on. And I finally did beat that little bastardly squiggly cpu fish. Then I quit while I was ahead.

only one word can get said BLAM!

you cannot beat the fish and if you play two times your entire arm hurts