Reviews for "Squigly Fish Racer v1.0"

i no the secrets

1- press 0 for a singalong
2- press h for Squigly vs. Jaws
3- press m for Squigly Kills Mario
4- press 6 for Pong
5- press 6 when playing Pong for a background

Yep, this is it!

A combo of 2 of my favorite sites to creat sheer fun!


omg my past

omg i loved this game when i was little and i am so surprised that i know who it is made by its kinda like one of those things that you have a blured vision of but then you you find the game when your older and your like holy SHIT!!


fish heads fish heads,
rolly polly fish heads,
fish heads fish heads,
eat them up YUM!

yay, sing along with fishy!

I can only find 4 of the 5 secrets... :-(

but its ok... this game still rocks!

and who says its too hard to beat the comp. i beat him with a time of 8.12 seconds. its all a matter of when u use ur nitro. if u use it too early, green fishy will catch up due to balancing with his speed based on urs (so u wont blow him away, and he wont blow u away). ive seen green fishy get a 7.42 time cuz i used my nitro right at the beginning, and ive seen him run a 15 second time cuz i kept jumping on the things u have to jump over.

GO Fishes!!!!!!!!!!

same with me, my overall is 1000000000000/10 and the 2 secrets i found were pressing H and pressing M M was the best though...