Reviews for "Squigly Fish Racer v1.0"

how do you play pong?

if u dont wonna know the secrets dont look here i only know 4.

click M for a secret
click h i think for a secret
click6 for a secret
and i think 9 or 0 or - for another secret

You named that after me!

Don't hide the truth Tom!

wow what a good game

so what i can says 'bout a game like that except WOW!
and if some want to know the secret keys

M-Mario and squigly fish
0-A funny sing-along song
H-Jaws movie vs. fishy
and you got to do like me aand find the last... this game rock
@!^!@baby yeah@!^!@

good 2 player game...

...but i noticed that the computer fish's performance is directly related to go fast you go (it usually goes like 1 second faster than you)
i found that the best way to win is to use the nitros right after the other fish uses his

this is one game where you dont get better the more you play, your arm just gets more tired!


This was a fun game and I want everyone to know that I Pwn at it!