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Pandemic II

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Jul 14, 2008 | 4:57 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged July 14, 2008
  • Weekly Users' Choice July 16, 2008
  • Daily Feature July 15, 2008

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Author Comments

Big News: Pandemic 2.5 is in development for iPhones everywhere! Find out more on my site!

Finally after months of development and balancing and testing, Pandemic II is here! I've tried my very best to ensure the game has surpassed the original in every possible way. Now its up to you to evolve your disease, infect mankind and kill them all!

**updated to version 1.16: bug fixes and tweaks based on user reviews**

Online guide and tutorial videos are available from with in the game, and it is HIGHLY recommended you watch the video tutorials.

edit: Thanks to the staff of NEWGROUNDS for the front page!!

Special thanks to the great guys at Crazy Monkey Games for sponsorship. And special thanks to Globex Designs for the music. Developed by Dark Realm Studios.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

Madagascar Sucks

It's so much fun playing a game only to get screwed by Madagascar every time. Also, it seems the winning strategy is essentially the same as the first one (infect at least one person in every country before they close the borders/airports/ports) so I'm not sure how this game is an improvement over that previous one.

But in the end it comes down to dumb luck on whether or not you are successful. That makes for a very frustrating game, especially since you really cannot speed up the game very much.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great Framework, Needs Polishing

The game was very addictive, but at the same time extremely frustrating. I played it at least ten times, but could never get a really good feel for how certain aspects affected the action of the governments.

First, Madagascar has almost no contact with the rest of the world. I know because I started on the island and waiting for a ship to leave took FOREVER, and in this time period I only saw one ship arrive. That made getting off the island really annoying, but starting anywhere else it was nearly impossible (I assume it is possible since it was the only country I couldn't infect the rest of the time) to get an infection on that island.

Second, the description of the symptoms were so vague I couldn't evaluate how they were going to change the stats of my disease (e.g. The description for "Nausea" only talked about the symptom being more visible, yet it also increased infectivity for some reason.) I think it would help a lot if you were to give numeric values for how each stat would change. Looking at "very visible" vs. "visible" doesn't tell me if the first is twice or ten times as visible.

Third, thank you for putting an option to speed up the game, however, you need to AT LEAST double or triple the highest possible speed the game can run at. After you've infected pretty much the whole world (save Madagascar), there is little to do but sit back and wait. You don't get evolution points at a significant rate anymore (which I think needs to be changed, since billions of people are carrying the bug it should still be able to mutate as it replicates within their bodies) so instead you just sit their and watch the number of people decline while doing noting interesting. All the game play is at the very beginning of the game and then there is a long period where there are no actions to take.

Fourth, If it was more in depth it would be nice. More control over the actions, more statistics to look at to make decisions. It is hard to see the effect something is having if every action is changing multiple things simultaneously. How much of chance does my virus have to infect other people through person-person contact? Are rodents a factor in spreading the disease in Greenland? How much contact do my hosts have with others? What are the chances a host in this country will travel? Will it change if the symptoms are more severe? There are just so many aspects that a player must guess at in this game that it is difficult to formulate an appropriate strategy, while at the same time at the peak of virus spreading, everything happens so fast that it is really hard to keep track of what is going on where. Maybe levels would be a way to break things up so that the player can take in more information and not have to rely significantly on luck for success.

Finally, just a minor note that "Infectiousness" is probably the more proper term than "Infectivity" in the way that it was used in the game.

Great work. I can't wait for the next one!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars




Rated 5 / 5 stars


Scientifically, this game is impossible... But who cares about reality?!
Excellent game. The first time I played, my "class" was parasite (how could you say "no" to a face like that?) and I did the equivalent of Rambo in the infectious disease world. Managed to wipe everyone save three countries.

I've figured that anyone who can't seem to infect the whole world should stick to this simple strategy: take your time (I'll assume you're playing the realistic mode); you want to try and infect as many people as possible without them having any symptoms - a highly infectious disease that isn't lethal or deadly can't be cured, stopped or noticed. As long as you've infected at least one person in each country, you have the capacity to beat the game.

Once you've infected everyone with your symptomless, highly infectious, non-lethal disease, feel free to crank up the lethality. The disease will continue to spread and mutate. This method will take slightly (a lot, depending on your evolutionary speed and power) longer than simply going gung-ho and making a super powerful, super noticeable disease.

Great game! The little lost boat that couldn't find himself a home after all the sea ports were closed and the complete inability to infect those few countries on my first play made it a bit annoying but that is easily overlooked. You could possibly allow cross "contanimation" when the healthy countries said aid/relief/hospital workers to the sick countries and return home (it would obviously only happen under certain conditions with a low percentage of it happening).

I don't see how it would happen (what else can you add?!) but I look forward to any sequels that you make to this. \o/

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


if theres ever a real pandemic im moving to madagascar... 3 times in a row i had the whole world except madagascar. great game.

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