Reviews for "Pandemic II"

Played this several times and killed the world twice. Got Lucky and had a plague ship from India hit Madagascar seconds before it closed it's boarders. And another time fluke luck and started in Madagascar. Every other time that Damn island has SCREWED ME!! lol

I beat this once years ago after I somehow got Madagascar! I was so satisfied, I couldn't stop dancing for the rest of the week! Plague Inc obviously took a lot from this game, but it definitely doesn't match it in terms of sheer challenge.

My disease started in Madagascar 2 out of the 3 games I played. Luck is on my side.

One of the greatest games ever made. Fairly accurate portrayal of a wide scale pandemic at least in terms of mechanism if not timeline.

You have not experienced true joy until you play this game and your disease begins in Madagascar.

I've been playing this game for years and it still infuriates me. Madagascar needs an airport. I would give five stars but I have not been able to win for over 15 years. Ridiculous.