Reviews for "Pandemic II"

Best game ever

this is my favorite game ever it is very fun and chalenging if i could i would vote a 20 THANK U FOR THE GAME!!!! ME LIKE CAPS!!! CAPS FUR GAME ME LIKE........caps

HAHAHAHAHA I killed them all!!!!!!

HA it took me a few hours but i finally beat the game, fuck you Madagascar!!!!! Just build up the infection rate and watch the world fall!

OMG!!!!!1!!! w00t

GREAT GAME. no joke one of the greatest ive played in a while. its true it wasnt exicuted all to well and a little more time could be a good thing for this game. i beat it as a parasite in madascar. the best part is i took a shower and just let it sit there and it ended up covering the whole world

one tip: dont have anything to hurt anyone right away
raise up resistances a little then watch it spread after its covered the lands. thats when u start to hurt the world

i fucking loved the game (if u couldnt tell) =]

Amazed by the game confused because i got Madagascar after the ports closed so I don't know i guess i got lucky :) but very much recommend!

i named my disease name poop