Reviews for "Pandemic II"

Overall, this game is quite enjoyable, but I have a few complaints:
-Iceland and Hawaii aren't on the map
-Canada, Russia, Greenland, and a few other places are apparently getting hurricanes in the game all year round.

But, aside from that, I enjoy playing this.

Everyone, stop accusing this game of being too much like Plague Inc, Plague Inc is the one that ripped the idea from this game, look at the date of the first Pandemic, even Pandemic 2 came out in 2008, Plague Inc didn't come out until 2012.

this is very similar to plague inc , but this one is free

You guys keep fussing about Madagascar. I just wiped out the entire planet in a 30 minute game.

Type- Virus
Virus Name- T-Virus

All I did was eliminated all the symptoms and kept my heat resist at level 1 and made it airborne. Then waited until I had enough to increase cold and moisture 1 each. Then bought waterborne and insect. Keeping symptoms off. Took maybe 5 minutes to infect the entire world. After that I had over 100 points to go crazy with and bought a crap ton of symptoms to spread the virus quickly. Boom, headshot.

It's a good challenging game. I tried several tactics to spread my virus. Apparently eliminating symptoms lowers the virus's noticeability to the point it's invisible. I took a point because of Madagascar since it should have an airport as well at least. Other than that it's still a fun game to waste some time on if you're bored. I'd love to see a 3rd installment.

Solid game concept and pretty accurate game mechanic. Except for the fact that the moment you become waterborne you're spotted. Used to be one of my all time favorite games though I'm not sure why anymore.