Reviews for "Pandemic II"

I'd like to say this. This seems most like Plague Inc. Evolved. It has the same concept, storyline and plot. You're doing the exact same as in Plague Inc., but this is better, cause' its free.

A fun game, an a good time waster. Now, if only we could remove some of the get-lucky-and-infect-the-right-place-soon-enough-or-loose aspects, and I think the could be great. Maybe not fantastic, but certainly better for the player.

I can't really give this a favorable rating due it being called strategy and it's based in pure luck. Peru or Madagascar are luck. You infect them or lose. No country or anywhere large enough to be on a map except for the polar sides of the planet and maybe even them don't have only ONE method to get into them.

So I have disease which claims it's totally invisible there is no nothing on my visibility bar, it has no symptoms it does nothing...Magically gets caught and whoops there goes Peru closing a border. GG you lost. I'm not seeing any point to this in honesty.

Also seems unless you magically mutate a vaccine will auto stop infections even if you add more things to it which then doesn't make sense and becomes luck...There may be some hidden under laying play points that you have to follow but that doesn't make it worth playing then it's basically saying do X,Y,Z in this order or lose.

Good for a few moments of experimentation, but doesn't hold up overall. 2/5

The game is good but there could be more strategy. If a country (Madagascar!) doesn't get infected before countries start closing ports and borders you might as well start again. Surely Madagascar has an airport?? If there was a way to tailor a disease to deal with countries one by one and topple them all it would be better. Surely a country with an entirely infected population wouldn't be able to stop the disease crossing into another because all the guards would be infected? Also un-diseased people would flock to an island that had no disease like Madagascar.

Basically I hate Madagascar...>:0I<

Great game been playing since it came out. Can someone tell me how the point system works. I've killed everyone numerous times and can't seem to get enough points to get in the top 50. Thanks.