Reviews for "Pandemic II"

Fun! Fuck Madagascar though.

Start with a parasite anywhere with both an airport and shipyard, sell your starting symptom and purchase moisture and drug resistances. Wait for a blessing from RNGeesus and you will eventually land in every country long before ports and borders close. This strategy has rarely failed me, and then usually because of Peru.

Try for a Mexico or Brazil start for best results. The bonus heat resistance seems to help it hit Madagascar faster, but that may be a coincidence.

Honestly the Madagascar start does more harm than good, because if your infected population gets too high there, EVERY ship will be a plague ship and your disease spreads too fast and people panic. You'll lose countries that way.

Fun, until Australia, Indonesia, Madagascar, and other islands close their ports, so it is then impossible to win

I called my disease Purple Haze. Any jojo fans can probably figure out why. Great game none the less.

>somebody coughs in Russia
>Madagascar shuts down literally everything and never opens its borders again