Reviews for "Pandemic II"

TBH, after looking at all the comments and the hate on Madagascar of how hard it is. I will rather prefer to play Plague.Inc instead. Plague.inc was so easy that I had successfully killed everybody in within playing for a 15 minutes. I seriously prefer Plague.Inc no matter what. I could only rate a 4 for now. I can't change this review, but I will give it a go.

Madagascar never became infected no matter what i tried -.-


I honestly found, even in realistic, that the game seems programmed to be impossible. A virus has appeared in India that causes coughing and no other symptoms? Better declare a curfew, shut down public transport, waste funding on a vaccine for this almost entirely harmless disease, and close shipyards and airports worldwide!"

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the game, and have managed to beat it once or twice, but it has some real massive faults.

Great game! Although you should update it because its wierd to play it and it says its 2008 on the bottom lol