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If the game doesnt run, try to reload, if still it refuses to run, either update your flash player to flash player 9 or play the game on www.freeworldgroup.com

Test your drawing skills in this relaxing time waster! Try to beat all the 15 unique drawings, get the highest score on the online scoreboard, or just try and beat your own scores and times! Data is saved for this version of the game, so play it back here to load your old data.

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Doesn't Work

I've tried every site and even downloading it but it wont work. You should try and get that fixed

Great concept, but...

Your algorithm doesn't work.
If you start the three triangles stage and finish without drawing anything, you'll pass with %87.7, 35080 score. Why?
I couldn't figure out how you're doing to verify the drawing, but it doesn't work at all. Sometimes I'll even get a higher score by drawing nothing at all than actually trying to make the drawing (specially for Perfect Circle and Curved...)

It's an awesome concept, and I really would love to play it, but the algorithm is making it pretty hard...

hm i liked it for a while but

im gonna give it an 8 because i kind of liked it at first but then when i started to get 97 when i needed 98 and 94 when i need 95 i started to get kind of ...annoyed
lvls 1 , 2 and 3 were easy (except that damn circle) but 4 and 5 were terrible
i think im pretty good at drawing on flash or paint but if u can do those things with these limited tools you must be really good or really patient


GOOD :) :
%u2022 The flood fill was a very good idea and helped out
%u2022the line is useful
%u2022The levels go easy to hard like their meant to be
%u2022Great music!
%u2022you can add the game to your site

%u2022Level 2 stage 2 is too challenging (I got 72% and I failed. WTF!)
%u2022Some levels are way too easy
%u2022the brush has some problems and isn't easy to use
%u2022needs more tools and levels... perhaps add a small story
%u2022Undo 1 isn't good I can only undo once and i tend have to restart the level

Note for *needs more tools and levels.
Perhaps add some storyline* dot point: The tools could be undo everything or undo and there could be a story mode or
Just draw mode...
Story mode could be about you being a pencil and trying to find the sharpener (you only have 5 lives and if you lose you run out of led and must restart)
With this you have a limit to draw on each lvl (limit shown as black box that goes down every time you draw (a tiny bit)

Sorting out
Level 1 ^^ >> (locked) Level 2 >> (locked) level 3 >>
Level 4 (locked) >> LEVEL 5! (LOCKED)
Secret level < > (need sharpener to play)

And the draw mode is just like this game you just draw what shown....


You could of done better you failed sorry :<

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2008
5:52 PM EDT