Reviews for "DrawIT"

I really wanna get into this!

This seems like a brilliant idea (I admit I didn't have time to play it properly so I have no right to critise) But I wanna spend some more time on this and see how far I get! =D


slightly fun but dificult

Awesome, innovative game.

This is a great game, St1k. I love you so much.I can't wait for twist 2!


The work was really well done and stuff but I just did'nt like the game. I found it borring.....


This is very creative.
In fact I like it (:
Its a game to calm my nerves...and when I want to draw things (xD) I'll come here :D
You should just make it so we can choose music, and, put animals or something in there, that'd be sweet :D
Good job!