Reviews for "DrawIT"

Cool game, but..

Like everyone else, I got stuck, on that damned circle! I was able to unlock "Curved", but, yeah, can't get any farther. I tried a simple dot on both of the hard ones and got a high score, buuuut, not quite high enough.
Same thing when I did absolutely nothing! Got a 96.1% on the Curved with that. O_o
Other than that, it was very addictive. Might as well work on the ones I can do. =D
Note: It's hard playing this on a laptop's touch pad. T _ T


i tried it with a mouse and it was freaking hard. i tried it with a tablet and i aced the whole thing. pretty unfair? and the circle thing was crazy too. i drew an almost perfect one i.e. the red tracing traced it like almost exactly and i still got only 93%. did something go wrong there? the fill tool was also not very user-friendly like i kept getting white bits. :p but overall good game.

Score it differently.

As most people, I got stuck on the circle. I started experimenting, and when i drew nothing but a tiny dot, I still got a 93. I scribbled, and i got a 92. The only time I actually got a bad score was when i filled in the whole box. And even then I got a 30.

awesome AS

thats some sweet calculations you did there..great game


would've been better but the circle thing was too hard i got like 91% 50 times..
95% is passing?...thats a little too much for level 3