Reviews for "DrawIT"

tis good

its a little hard though, not all of us have steady hands for the circle =)
9/10 5/5

I Loved it :D

Great Drawing Line utensils. Awesome Job. The Fill could have been better so I could have gotten 100% though :P

Nice work I will check this out more later when I have more time.

it was alright

for a while, but it seems to be pretty easy.

it shouldnt show you the image at the time that you are drawing it. You should have to do it from memory.

Good but.

Like the others have said it was really hard towards the ending of the game. I made it past most of them but I don't have that good of a hand to draw em all. Nice Job. 5/5 9/10

Good game, but...

I liked playing this, but your scoring system is too harsh. On the circle and curve levels, I kept getting 95% and above, but it kept failing me! Last time I checked, anything above a 70% is passing! This kept me from unlocking most of the levels, thus hindering the experience. Plus, in puzzle games, you shouldn't have to unlock puzzles. They should all be available from the start. That is from every good puzzle game out there. But it was a good concept, and I'd love to play an improved version if you decide to create one.