Reviews for "DrawIT"

Awesome, innovative game.

This is a great game, St1k. I love you so much.I can't wait for twist 2!

I Loved it :D

Great Drawing Line utensils. Awesome Job. The Fill could have been better so I could have gotten 100% though :P

Nice work I will check this out more later when I have more time.

awesome AS

thats some sweet calculations you did there..great game


very nice work. I only had a few problems, and that was with the fill and with the gradig system, but most of the time, grading was in my favor ;]. anywho, very good game, FAR better than my capability.

Awsome :)

I cant draw at all so this is a fantasic game, and ofc it features my music so even better!

Thanks again for using my work, and ofc a great, if not challenging game!