Reviews for "DrawIT"


The tools should be updated a little and improved on....

Fun but..

It was fun, but there seemed to be way to many errors with the line tool. I made each line perfectly straight and connected, but when I filled it in, there was always white showing, but such a small amount.. I coloured them in, since it'd take forever to fill each pixel.

Oh well, probably just me. It was a good game though. I love drawing games =-)

Nice concept

Personally I think it was relatively fun to play. A few more music choices would have been nice though instead of just the same 2 minutes repeating over and over again. Still, nice concept though.

Awsome :)

I cant draw at all so this is a fantasic game, and ofc it features my music so even better!

Thanks again for using my work, and ofc a great, if not challenging game!


very nice work. I only had a few problems, and that was with the fill and with the gradig system, but most of the time, grading was in my favor ;]. anywho, very good game, FAR better than my capability.