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[Edit] I forgot to credit cornandbeans because I used a sample of {Rose} Remastered in this flash. Yes, I did, it's hard to find, but it is in there. I'll give you 5 points and an e-cookie if you can tell me whereabouts in the flash I sampled the song. Lawl >:D

[Edit 2] Thanks, TomFulp, for the add to the Valentine's Collection. :D
That made me happy. <3

First off, I'd like to say that this is my first animation that I'm submitting to newgrounds. I'm not terribly good, but I think this is alright, considering the time frame I put this together in. The style and plot is very much inspired by Dan Paladin's PEACETANK animation, but this is nowhere near as good as his. Also, the inspiration for the loveblimp character came from SolusLune's music in the Continue the Song Game collab, which started in the audio forum and is now progressing into an audio/flash collaboration. I had to animate SolusLunes audio, and the "loveblimp" cruised through the background. My part in that collab will be much neater and nicer to lookat than this, but I thought, what the hell, a valentines day animation about a blimp sounds alright. So, a thank you goes out to SolusLunes, Dan Paladin, Rig, SolidElectro (and everyone else from the CTSG collab). I used 3 songs here, "Montagues and Capulets" by Prokofiev (no, he's not from Newgrounds, lol), that's the classical song, Stardust Crazy, by Rig, vocals by Natty Miller, that's the second song used in the animation, and my own song, Last Days of Summer, about a 1 1/2 minute demo not on newgrounds yet (I'll be posting it on February the 29th).
Uhh, I think that's everything, so, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it passes judgement.



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it is melodious oh my god!

Make me feel like a tv show Thomas and Friends. But this is more cute âTM¥

everybody needs a blimp

cos blimps are pretty pimp
you can fill it up with air but that wont get you anywhere
advertise upon the side, take your girlfriend for a ride
just fill up your balloon with the very best gas in toon
thumb up if you recognize
btw nice animation, very simple, but i like the idea that a girly looking zepplin could save us all.




The amount of good sentiment you managed to pack into this flash has spontaneously turned my hair pink. I should hate you for this, but the smiling blimp prohibits it.

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2008
12:15 AM EST

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