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Reviews for "LOVEBLIMP"

Nice music

I loved the use of Prokofiev in the build up, although I've never seen that piece as particularly hate filled, despite it being the Montagues and Capulets from Romeo & Juliet :P I've always viewed it as more industrial working, belching out smoke and steam. Mind you, you did manage to capture that essence as well.

The love blimp must have some strange sort of gas within, if it can change the attitudes of these obviously male blimps so easily. Some sort of pheromones? Do they make ones that make women drop everything and chase after you? Can you put me in touch with a supplier?

Simple drawings, but I would suggest that you zoom in and use a smaller tool to draw the images - gives you better control and more clarity when you return to the normal size and it makes your lines look better, as well.

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WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the review. I haven't heard the song in the context of Romeo & Juliet. I just had it on CD, and I think it was a song on an old videogame (Asterix and Obelix and the Power of the Gods, or something like that =p). I kind of thought of it with the deep strings and the slow processional march feel, but the great thing about it is the interpretation. To be honest, I never actually saw the blimps as having specific genders (despite fighting and war associated with males and pink and love associated with women), so I didn't think of it as the flirtaceous loveblimp wooing over the men with her channel no. 5. And I'm sorry to say that if there were a gas that made women drop everything and run after you, you probably would have known about it by now =P.

The drawing: Yeah, I'm not the overly artistic type, I went for the undertoned rough look because it was quick and (kind of) stylish. I could have gone into more detail, but it was just a quick animation I threw together. Anything I might attempt in the future will be neater. Thanks for the tips.



Pretty good. The Message is pretty clear. It actually relates to Racism & The war against Irak. That is what it appears to me. Anyway Awesome Flash good Music.

WritersBlock responds:

I think it can mean different things to different people. For me, the movie is about how people are so quick to start a fight or argument, and when they realise how stupid they were, thinking small issues could be resolved through fighting, when they could have been resolved through communication.
Thanks for your review and perspective. It's nice to see how you interpreted it.



Haha, this is a real happy animation, brightened up my day :) A bit short, but with a clear message and good music, perfect tribute to lovely day of days. The animation hacks a little when the army of blimps go flying, but that may just be my slow computer. Anyhow, great flash, good choice of colors, everything. Transitions are pretty simple, but everything fits in nicely with the music, so it's all good. Keep it going!


WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. Yeah, it's pretty jerky around that part for me too.


that was fun. very nice.

WritersBlock responds:



found the bit of rose

just between the hate and peace bit the movie was kinda screwed but oh well lol

WritersBlock responds:

lol, yup. The scratch. ^_^
And, yeah, this isn't some sort of artistic masterpiece, I know, it's just a little story 'bout a blimp. Thanks for the review.

Have a nice day!