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Reviews for "LOVEBLIMP"


Kinda reminded me of the old Yoshi's Island games and I don't know why.

Pretty good otherwise. Keep up the great work.

WritersBlock responds:

Lol, the faces on the objects that usually don't have faces might play a part in it. ^_^
Cheers for the review.

Happy day after <3 day.


Great for first animation and plus, the concept is great! <3

WritersBlock responds:

I knoes! I can't believe the idea of peace-keeping hippie blimp hadn't been done before!

Happy hippie-love day.

The looooooove blimp

Actually had to laugh a bit there lol..
I could use some love-blimpin' myself atm :3

WritersBlock responds:

Awwww, c'mere, the loveblimp heals all.
Happy Rekindled Spirit Day. (Anything can happen on Valentine's day!)


Nice animation, I lol'd!
It goes something like..
"Oh noez it war!"
Then comes the loveblimp, and everything changes, and everybody's happy! <3
The world is in peace, and blimps hump eachother =D
Erm... D:<
Anyway happy valentine's :3

WritersBlock responds:

YAY, Sunshine and rainbows and penicorns!
Valentines collection plz!

Yes, happy valentines week.


It's not really bad, but nothin to get too excited over either lol...
Interesting concept all the same... Was that blimp stoned?

WritersBlock responds:

Was the blimp stoned? Was the blimp stoned!? No, of course not, the blimp is the embodiment of all joy and happiness in the world, and he brings all war and hate and fighting to an end. You need to look at it from a kid's perspective.
Anyway, thanks for the review and the 5 (lol).
Happy hug-a-stranger day.