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Reviews for "LOVEBLIMP"

I love it

this its teh sex, take me nao

WritersBlock responds:

lol ^___^

guess its a little late

to be reaping those 5 points and that e cookie. but the scratch is sampled from rose


WritersBlock responds:

I think someone found it already, but you can still have the points and cookie anyway. :D
Thanks for the 10. <3

Good vibrations.

That was pretty cool.

Simple plot, but nice vibes. Also, the graphics for the smiling blimps and the end song pretty much make it.

The graphics near the start leave something to be desired. The words could have been better decorated - maybe having 3d-style block letters or something for 'love' etc and more angular letters for 'war' etc.

The bomb could have used some shading and the frame for when the green blimp drops his cigar could have been better.

Also, the blurry rainbow doesn't fit in brilliantly with the crisp vectors in my opinion.

Your smiling faces rock though, the hearts-as-smoketrails are awesome and the song is brilliant.

Makes me smile, despite slight graphical issues.

-Review Request Club-

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, it's not the best, but the style is simple and attractive, despite the flaws.

Maybe next year I could put more time and effort into a Loveblimp-2. LOL
Thanks for the review.

Cheerful and bright.

~!Good Points!~
-Cheerful, and very happy. Made my day.
- Funny.
-It was pretty good concerning graphics.

- The drawing could be a little better.
- my computer started running slower during the "evil" blimp part. I think I kicked it on accident. ;)

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah, the evil blimp part was done poorly, I just chucked heaps of the blimps in there, and it slowed right down...

Great V-Day Movie

Awesome movie, with lots of cheer of the day it represents.

Graphically not the greatest but still a fun movie to watch, seemed to me to be quite like an e-card more than a movie, but the contrast between the two sections was quite funny. Maybe a little improvement on the drawing side wouldbe good. I also noticed that when there are loads of the "evil" plimps, my computer seemed to slow down, I think too many copies were ther, just tone that down a bit.

The audio was good though, nice selection. A funny story & overal a very nice flash, good job :D

=Review Request Club=

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, I'll definitely make an effort to improve the drawing next time. Yeah, the evil blimps lagged for me too, I went way overboard with that =P
Thanks for the comments, they've been noted.