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This is a little 8-bit Theater tribute I put together back in mid-2004 when I was 13. Some daily 8-bit Theater readers may have seen the original version before. Naturally, there are a bunch of inside jokes that only 8-bit Theater readers will get, so I suggest you become one. If you run a slower computer, you may or may not want to watch this on low quality.

I had recently gotten Flash 5 and was straining to think of what to do for my first Flash movie when I saw a video clip of the Monty Python Camelot song reenacted with Lego's (I'm sure many of you have seen it before). Being an avid 8-bit Theater fan (and having recently seen and loved 8-bit D and D), I instantly got the idea for this movie. After all, both Holy Grail and Final Fantasy 1 are about a band of legendary medieval warriors out on a noble quest, and heck, sprites are just the Lego's of Flash movies, right?

This movie only covers one general scene, so it is relatively short, but it gave me the chance to focus more on quality. Since this uses the audio from the Lego scene, every frame is synchronized almost exactly to the Lego video (the one I was using). Also, I knew a lot less about Flash than I do now, so a lot of things that look like they're tweened are actually frame-by-frame (the drumming Thief scene took me almost a day). The lip synching is all frame-by-frame as well. I did not reuse mouth positions, but it probably would have been easier to do so if I knew how at the time. The whole animation took a little over two weeks.

I sent this to Brian Clevinger who said, and I quote, 'Great Flash animation. The Camelot scene is one of my favorites from Holy Grail and seeing it in sprite form makes it even better, especially the Garland scene.' He put it on his site, where many 8-bit fans may have seen it, but eventually the link was filed away in the archives and eventually went dead. After three years and getting a newer version of Flash, I decided that this movie wasn't getting any views just by sitting on my hard drive, so I finally got around to refinishing it. I updated the preloader (I tried to emulate part of TLF's original preloader), the menus, the sprites, the effects, and blurred some of the backgrounds (Brian's only suggestion), but most of the movie itself remains intact.

Now, without further ado, I give you the remastered 8-bit Camelot! Enjoy!

PS: Please recommend this for the Final Fantasy Collection if you get the chance, as this movie isn't very accessible at the moment.

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The actual creator saw it and there's only 24K views? There should be more! Anyway, this was a lot of fun. It helps that "Monty Python And The Holy Grail" is such a funny movie. It's hard to go wrong using audio from that.

I don't remember the song being that long. I'm certainly glad for it! I love how they just shrug it off as being a silly place. They would know! The sprites move so wonderfully too.

this just makes me want a Doctor Who/Holy Grail crossover. WHINE. too awesome, man. TOO. Awesome.

Awesome fan flash movie! ^___^

its awsome it combined my two fave things final fantacy and monty python and the holy grail

quite sill

tiss a silly place

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Aug 16, 2007
4:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody