Reviews for "8-bit Camelot"


This flash submission is an exemplary sprite reenactment of a favorite classic of mine. I enjoyed this quality work that you spent time and effort on, especially knowing you did some things you didn't need to frame by frame... that is an epic commitment you made in my opinion.

-Side Note-
I am now heading to pop in my VHS of Holy Grail and play FF1 while watching it ^_^

sweet song

I love this, the english books at my high school have the lyrics

Good jorb!

8-Bit theater is my favorite webcomic.
Holy Grail is my favorite movie.
So how could the two mixed together be any less awesome?


i like it when black mage says i have to push the pram a lot relly good show keep it up

2 great things in one, bravo

the cute sprites from FF that we love... plus the silly monty python and the holy grail song... combined into one, i love it

next will be the entire movie useing the FF sprites, lol