Reviews for "8-bit Camelot"


nice dude this is preety good
have u watch monty python and the holy grail b4

MatthewSher responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Of course I've seen the movie! Otherwise I wouldn't have much interest in making this. Although I have to admit, I post this movie more as an 8-bit Theater fan than a Monty Python one.


why didnt you just put monty pyhton and the holy grail on there the quality would have been better

MatthewSher responds:

Ugh...If people just posted stuff that already exists, it would be removed by people not like you. This isn't Youtube. Please don't review things you don't understand.


Good animation and pretty funny.
Hmm... no suggestion from me.
A funny and well made movie.


didn't get the inside jokes but i love monty pithon and the holy grail. well put together and sinked.


I love you.

This is fantastic, it's now in my favourites.

MatthewSher responds:

Heh, I'm flattered. Woah, my first review and you registered on Newgrounds on my birthday too...that's eerie.