Reviews for "8-bit Camelot"


For the first time making a video this is amazing! I know i'd have to practice a helluva lot to be able to make something this nice! good job man!

Great, but could be better

I love the flash and you did awsome, but I didn't see very many 8-bit references, other than the cameos and the Garland scene, and I'm a huge 8-bit fan. that's why u only get a 9. i would be awsome if you put 8-bit references in the backround, like having the elf scout/messenger get attacked by that knight guy, having fighter play with swords at one point possibly, or have black mage getting hit by white mage.
This is my first post, it is long, and I am happy.

MatthewSher responds:

You know, I never thought of it like that. I was really trying to stay true to the Lego movie, so I never really considered adding those things, aside from the occasional gem. Also, the references would have to be pretty clever to be worth it, since most people choose to recycle the same old jokes that Brian himself has stopped using. I don't see this as anything important to change, but if I ever do update the movie again, I will definitely use this idea.

8-bit musical...? :D

Dude, you should do a whole musical with the FF1 sprites like this! That would be awesome! Maybe "Hairspray" or something overly serious! :D lol

MatthewSher responds:

Thanks for the positive review, but I'm really not a fan of musicals. I just did this one because I saw a close resemblance.


That was well done!


Thats good, plus im a HUGE 8-bit fan, i think i saw the early version on nuklearpower.com
I liked it then, still do, nice work :) 2 thumbs up :)